Thursday, 19 May 2016

MovilCop Update & Dashboard

MovilCOP is the app used for the transit officers in Bogotá - Colombia to facilitate their work in the field capturing info from their forms, plates numbers, GPS, info from driver license and IDs and more useful utilities apps.

Now we & me are creating a dashboard giving more information to the transit officer about their work, miles covered and much more goodies.



Saturday, 30 April 2016


The process. Some times is challenging having a white canvas with nothing on it, just some scratches on paper and with so much work ahead of you. I think this is the part that makes you sweat, in my case its a good cold exhilarating sweat knowing that you are going to venture once again into the nothing.

This is no deep space exploration—coming from a frustrated first human to explore a Jupiter's moon—but it's as closest as it can get. One always end up with something you never like in the future, but the present you its "Fine with it".

So what does it take to not just be "Fine with it", to exhale to greatness. Is it the 10.000 hours you have to spend in your life doing something that you love, a certain shift in your brain that starts working in a remarkable way, an apple hitting your head and realising who you are in this (these) universe(s) and finding out your style? Your purpose in this pencils, lines and pixels world?

I think I will never know. I think the present me will always love everything and judge it to the highest of achievements, but wait for it... it takes me around a year to see my work with new eyes and puke on it like if its just sidewalk on this filth city. Everything takes time, everything its a work in progress. Gotta be a good thing—"Me and Time got a good thing going on". It blows my mind that everything its a race against time, even the minuscule of activities. One have to take the time to do, wait and watch for that new angle. The thing is, it got to get faster than this. That's the true, with a pinch of this and that (new experiences/learn/exercise/smile-be happy/and give thanks), there is nothing else.

My only advice; shut off that TV, that cellphone/tablet/whatever and start doing. Or you start getting to that point like me where you have to much unfinished work layout around your Desktop screen remembering... screaming back to you:"You have got work to do so get the fuck off that couch, or cleaning, repairing, client work, doing what ever is consuming your time every night or time off and start doing".

My girlfriend says its about habits. Sadly its not the first time I hear about this. I remember starting a habit of getting things done (design wise) some time ago. Of my many 'Post it' on my wall, that one should be the centre of attention, START DOING–TILL THE END.

Closing this chapter, with this old video from Shia LaBeouf. I don't know what was his REAL purpose with the random videos that he produced, but the message is there. Take it in, breath it, make it part of your soul.

Saturday, 9 April 2016


VIDEO: Diseñadores vs Clientes- Este video demuestra algunas prácticas que utilizan los clientes al momento de negociar un proyecto con los diseñadores, se muestra desde otro punto de vista pero es una realidad.Compártelo.

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Monday, 29 February 2016

Bogota´s transit police mini App

App for the Transit Police of Bogotá. It was made for Bogota's busy transit police. It had to be simple,  clear and intuitive to work.
Considering what it was needed and the end User, I did the UX design and all the UI design as well. It´s not my best design ever, but its simple and neat. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

BYE BYE Internet Explorer /// Finally!!

Finally on Tuesday 5 of 2016, Internet Explorer from 11 'til 8 version will stop to update any security update and stuff. Internet Explorer 11 will be the last version of this browser and it will stop to exist.

Microsoft will continue its web browsing journey with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
Developers rejoice and me that know little of code but create websites, I am so happy now!

Get Microsoft Edge and move on if you want to web browse with more peace of mind. 


Finalmente Internet Explorer parara de existir el Martes 5 del 2016. Microsoft decidió terminar la vida de este explorador de Internet y ya no habrán más actualizaciones de seguridad o glitches (errores). 

Microsoft ha decidido continuar con Microsoft Edge para la version de Windows 10. 
Ya puedes conseguir Edge si deseas estar actualizado y con la mejor protección. Click aquí 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

E&E new Logo

E&E is a renovation and painting new company around the GTA (Grand Toronto Area) in Canada. They wanted something fresh, contemporary and light in colours.

Option 4 was picked.